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Water - So Akin to Our Souls

“Much like our souls, water too, takes the shape of its container” – I believe.

I think the importance of water is something all of us have specifically understood this semester. Jaundice and Typhoid are two of the most commonly occurring diseases caused by contaminated water. The sight of brown liquid and minerals floating in your glass isn’t something you’d appreciate when you simply wished for a glass of water to sit back and relax with.

Perhaps this information is something that bottled water companies capitalize over. Regardless, understanding it’s importance at a very individual-centric level is something that may help us do our part without straying off for too long.

  • Reducing Wastage of Water: I think we’re all a little guilty of this. In the moment, you may think that 10ml of water isn’t a lot and throw it down the sink, in which case, you’re not particularly wrong. 10ml of water gone to waste is definitely not going to ruin the ecosystem. However, that’s only the case when it’s really 10ml. Imagine this same amount of liquid being wasted by over a thousand people a day. That instantly kicks the number up to 10 liters a day, which doesn’t seem so insignificant suddenly.

  • Developing a Healthy Sanitation Attitude: According to the United Nations which adopted the Sustainable Development goals, hand washing is a habit that can effectively reduce the spread of diseases.

As a community of growing teenagers and newly born adults, there isn’t too much we can do by ourselves that would make a sudden impact on water sanitation. However, brown water is something no human being is supposed to compromise with. It is unfortunate and horrible – we should consider it to be high time for us to contribute towards it in any minor way possible.

Headaches, hangovers, and weight loss. Something individuals around our age constantly strive to find solutions for. Funnily enough, a glass of water every now and then does way more than you may think.

Headaches: Studies say that dehydration is a large reason behind frequent headaches. Paired with the overwhelming number of assignments and classes to keep up with, an extra headache that could be avoided with a few glasses of water is something we’d all appreciate.

Hangovers: As much as I hope this doesn’t serve as extra hacks for Thursday nights on campus, drinking a large glass of water is shown to significantly remove or reduce the hangover symptoms one may face.

Weight loss: Water consumption increases satiety and metabolic levels, which essentially allows us to feel “fuller” for a longer time and also allows us to burn more calories through simple tasks. Please understand that even this has its limits and is not something that should be exploited or misused. Eating 2-3 meals is absolutely important, regardless.

A clean glass or a bottle next to your bed, a small step but one that could go miles, and something that could take you that far as well. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, then it is still worth the shot.



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