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My Surroundings

My Surroundings, My Environment

My side of the bed

My décor, photographs, clock, and taste in aesthetics. The majority of my time is spent here.

This is my home, where I not only rest my head at night but also where I do my work and have

my leisure and eat. there's a large board I made, and it's covered in images of my school

friends and inspirational quotations and lists of destinations I want to visit. It's a pleasant

reminder that my loved ones are always close by, whether I'm sitting at my desk to study or in

some other mental state. The pangs of homesickness always seem to come at the most

inconvenient times, when I'm all by myself. Whenever I sit down at my desk, it's as if I'm

transported back in time to all the wonderful times I've had there in the past. It is extremely

organized because it cannot be done any other way. Everything from my favorite scented

candles and a mirror to my diaries and notepads. Home, in my opinion, is wherever its

occupants feel most comfortable. By customizing and decorating it with all of my own personal

belongings, I feel like I have truly made this apartment my home. The picture frame of my dogs

sitting on my nightstand serves as a gentle reminder that the weekend is almost here and I can't

wait to be reunited with them. This motivates me to go about my week happily. This location

provides welcome relief; a way of getting away from the stress of academics, adorned with a collage of posters depicting people, places, and things that mean something to me.


Though not a place or an environment, they do create one for me. To little paws I accept my

weaknesses, and for them my world stops. The lifeline of my entire soul. They create a magical

environment for me. They create a space for me that I feel the need to protect. To hold them and

to love them like no one else, be it my own dogs or any other dogs. This sense of protecting them from all the harm in the world and to care of them is something that drives me. It’s a space where I instantly form connections.

They bring out the best in me. My brain fogs the memory of any struggle or pain and indulges

itself in the feelings of happiness and at peace. To teach them skills of love and

compassion, to let them know that even though the world is cruel, they arent alone and are

loved by many.

Despite the fact that they are not a place or an environment, they evoke a certain atmosphere

for me. I admit my flaws to these small paws which I cannot in front of anyone. My world comes to

a halt when I'm with them.

Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib

I am not religious in any way. I don't believe in things and notions that I was taught as a

child. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the Bangla Sahib in CP with my

parents to worship and then eat the kada prasaad. Going there as a child was a custom as

a form of worship. But now it's a matter of willingness and decision. For me, visiting this

location has nothing to do with religion. It's all about the setting. Another sense of

relaxation comes from being there, breathing that air, and sitting by the Sarovar

introspecting life and observing people around you. It's a safe place. It's incredible to sit

inside the Gurudwara and listen to the melodious gurbaani even without knowing what it

means. People go there to pray, make wishes, or thank God for what he has done. I go

there to relive the nostalgia, warmth, and wonderful childhood memories. The atmosphere

is serene throughout. Eating langar while everyone is seated on the floor together fosters a

feeling of belonging. Nobody is bigger than the other while eating. Nobody is more

successful than anyone else. Everyone is exactly the same. Everyone is treated equally.

Nataliya Arora (JSPC 22)

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