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About the Rotaract Blog

The Rotaract Blog primarily promotes the club’s motto, Enhancing Inclusivity, Celebrating Unity and seeks to view it from multiple lenses including legal, political, social, economic, etc. It invites both monthly and rolling submissions of blogs. It welcomes all kinds of submissions, including (but not limited to) articles, research pieces, opinions, case comments, short notes, short stories, poems, ghazal, etc.

Themes for Submissions

​The blog accepts any piece aligning with the main theme, Enhancing Inclusivity, Celebrating Unity. Following themes are illustrative/ suggestive and not exhaustive:

  1. Meanings

    1. Unity

    2. Diversity

    3. Tussle Between Unity and Diversity: What’s Important?

  2. Religion

    1. Similarity between different Religions

    2. Secularism: Is India really uniting religions?

    3. Love Jihad: A Legal or Political Concept?

    4. Communalism

    5. Territorial Separation: A Religion Concept?

    6. Politics and Religion

  3. Culture

    1. Xenophobia

    2. Culture Wars

    3. India v. Western: What Prevails?

  4. Racial Discrimination

    1. Laws Promoting Racism?

    2. Is Casteism also Racism?

    3. Social Movements: Division or Unity?

  5. Language

    1. Perishing Languages: Unity over Diversity?

    2. Linguistic Movements

    3. Mother Tongue: A Weapon?

  6. Politics (including Ideology), Unity & Diversity

    1. Politics on Culture: Only A Devil?

    2. Can Politics Unite?

    3. Diversity: Essential for Politics?

  7. Class System

    1. Marxism: Anti-Diversity?

    2. Class & Unity: Exploring the Inter-Mix

  8. Gender

    1. The Expanding Scope of Gender & Phobia

    2. Law & Gender

    3. Social Face of Legal Gender

Submission Guidelines

​The submission or manuscript must adhere to the guidelines:

  1. The topic should squarely fall within the non-exhaustive Themes for Submissions.

  2. Co-authorship is not permissible. Only single-author pieces are acceptable.

  3. Body Formatting: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Line Spacing 1.5, Justified​​

  4. Heading Formatting (Allowed Up to Three Levels Only): Times New Roman, Font Size 14, Left Aligned

    1. Level One-Heading (Bold)​​​

      1. 1. Level Two-Heading (Bold & Italicized)​

        1. 1.1. Level Three-Heading (Italicized)​​​​​​​

  5. File Type:​​​ Word document file (.doc/ .docx) allowed only

  6. Word Limit (Excluding Abstract):

    1. Longer Blog/ Article: 1200-1500 words​

    2. Shorter Blog/ Article: 750-1000 words

    3. Story: 500-1500 words

    4. Poem (Including Similar Vernacular Forms): 150-500 words

    5. Note: Longer & Shorter pieces are acceptable, subject to the discretion of the editorial board.

  7. Abstract, Description & Keywords:​

    1. Abstract: Up to 150 words (mandatory for articles).​

    2. Description: Up to 140 characters (inclusive of space and any special characters or numbers).

    3. Keywords: Minimum 5 Keywords

  8. Citations:​ The relevant sources should be hyperlinked. For hyperlinking, attach the link to the last word of the relevant phrase, document, name, etcetera.

  9. Language: English (Preferred) but the submission can be made in any language with English translation (Optional).

  10. There is no deadline for the submission. This is Rolling Call for Blogs.

  11. The submission should neither be plagiarized nor AI-generated. Solely author is responsible for trampling it.

  12. Submission Link:​​

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