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Testimonial by Rtr Varda Sardana, Immediate past DRR (RID 3012)

When I joined Rotaract, back in 2015, my only motive was to contribute to society in whatever capacity I could. But I never fathomed that Rotaract would change my life and me as a person, just in a span of a few years. The opportunities, exposure, and challenges that were thrown my way have made me what I am today.

One of the most valuable things that Rotaract has taught me is how to handle criticisms in a positive manner. Also, supervising multiple projects, meetings, and events, and at the same time maintaining a high level of enthusiasm among the team members helped me realise the importance of prioritising key areas as well as that of time management, which helps me in my professional and personal life alike.

Rotaract has also turned me into a more open, sociable, frank, and approachable person. A woman who avoided having conversations with people, now looks forward to them. Building new bonds, friendships and expanding my social circle beyond city and state boundaries- this is what Rotaract has enabled me to do through exchanges and inter district projects.

I believe that one of the most imperative professional skills that Rotaract enhances is your communication. The same is the case with me. Interacting with members and guests, conducting meetings, drafting mails and invitations, outlining monthly reports - all of these have made contributions to the way I am able to deal with people today. Rotaract has also brought me several steps closer to understanding how things work at the professional level, without compromising on the quality. Face to face with the reality of a real job.

I wasn't born a leader. I had been a part of various teams, hence a team player, but hadn't led any team before. However, Rotaract turned me into one. I realised that the key to motivating team members is to win their confidence and understand the factor which pushes them. I learnt that not all people have the same drivers that encourage them, and a leader needs to recognise what is important and of value to each member. I learnt that to get things done effectively, I need to set an example, and then give opportunities to the members to follow that example by delegating and trusting them with the responsibilities.

To be very honest, I have been fortunate enough to have the support of encouraging colleagues who have brought me back on the right path whenever I got distracted.

Overall, my journey at Rotaract has been an amazing one, with some downs but a lot more ups. These were so important for teaching me some lifelong lessons. Yes, it has been a transformational ride, and words would fall short of describing how proud I am of being a part of this organisation.

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