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The Luxury Of Water

The feeling that arrives with drinking a fresh glass of water is incomparable to any. It provides such a contentment that cannot truly be described or compared to any other emotion. All this may appear rather exaggerated or gravely dramatic, but water really is one of the most enriching forms of nourishment in the world and only in those moments where you are satisfied with a much-needed glass of water, can one truly experience those feelings of bliss.

For many, a cold cup of water is a matter of convenience, barely a thought. But for many, many more people in this world, it is a daily struggle. Millions across the globe have to suffer daily in order to be able to drink clean water. It is frightening to think that a commodity so essential for our lives, is so sparingly available in its quantity as well as quality.

Within our college experience itself, we have become increasingly aware of how necessary sanitary water facilities are. Due to a lack of clean water facilities and a dearth in the quality of a basic necessity this semester, many students have faced issues with regards to their health.

So many students, particularly in the hostels, have encountered health problems as a result of the inadequate water facilities. Though it is no comparison to the struggles of many when it comes to the fight for clean water, to come face to face with unsanitary water facilities was shocking as well as overwhelming when combined with the many other problems associated with the flu and general academic stress.

Significantly, this experience and ongoing pursuit for clean water facilities has emphasized for me, personally, how important of a factor it really is in our day to day lives. Clean water is an essential that each being must be given the privilege of possessing. In this day and age, when so much of our focus is embedded in advancing various technological aspects and making life simpler, I believe that many a times we forget that the availability of basic essentials of life is a facet that must be given utmost priority to.

While the enormous leaps being taken in scientific fields and sociological perspectives have an undoubted impact on all of humankind, there needs to be a larger voice from the society that needs to place an emphasis on providing access to fundamental services. Any progress made in any field would ultimately be futile, if it is not aided by healthy consumers, capable of living more fruitful lives to avail such utilities. By addressing the problems faced at the grassroot level, a greater understanding of humanity and its future can be established.

Although each one of us are capable of being advocates for justice and fairness, they are ineffective unless we are able to put these ideologies of ministrations into action. Clean water and sanitary water facilities must not be a factor associated with privilege and status, but a right for each and every being.

Water is life, and clean water means health – Audrey Hepburn



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