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Echoes of a Dismantled Dream

They say industries are important, I understand, they must be.

The life I had dreamed of was both simple and intricate,

Yet, I knew I would craft a home amid all the chaos.

In those moments, I would somehow discover a moment of my own,

For my coffee, for my books.

I knew precisely how that moment would appear,

Under a cerulean sky,

With birds to my right,

Beside a tranquil lake on my left,

I would read the words as the breeze caressed my hair.

How liberated I would feel,


Escaping the confines of home,

To the endless azure of the shores.

The dream in my eyes had always been about freedom,

Freedom to breathe,

With no concern for tomorrow or yesterday.

So, when I bid farewell to my mother at seventeen,

I was melancholic yet content.

It’s been years now,

I still have dreams, but my vision is blurred,

I can’t even see the sun.

But they say industries are indispensable,

I understand they must be.

So, this morning, I took my book and went for a walk.

Life can be challenging, but at least I can breathe.

People were wearing masks,

I pondered, which constitution

Needs to specify breathing as a fundamental right?

Isn’t it inherent?

But they say industries are vital,

I comprehend, they must be.

Hope is the only thing that remains by your side,

Isn’t it?

So, I took the less-travelled path this time,

Determined to chase my childhood dream,

Towards the secluded mountains,

I knew I would find solace,

To my astonishment, I discovered

That the mountains had been dismantled

To build roads that lead nowhere,

But they say industries are indispensable,

I understand, they must be.

Throughout my life, I failed to recognise

Climate not just air, sky, and blues, but emotions it does weave.

Life and everything we possess, encompassed by this sphere,

A realisation dawns, as industries reshape what we hold dear.

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