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On the naked floor of the railway, I saw a mother sleeping with her son on her,

“ Maa, it’s freezing,” said the son, and Maa covered him with some rags beside and hugged him tight;

His father is begging at the entrance for some rupees; it's already 2 am,

and the whole family is starving;

Someone gave him a pack of biscuits; he ran to feed his family and himself slept empty,

Though there’s no shelter or cover, the family is celebrating having biscuits,

Alas, celebration is now over; mother is teary-eyed, and father is again begging;

He’s begging for help as his son’s temperature is burning, some gave him rupees and some were not even bothering;

I ran and took him to the hospital with some rest and medications; he’s now normal;

He told me how his friends are trapped in illegal activities for money and they are still safe from this atrocity,

I realize how ugly poverty is; some don’t get food and some don’t even get to live a decent life;

Some beat them out of frustration; some give them false hopes to fill their pockets;

Some do not even consider them human, and according to some, they deserve to be in slums;

God forgive, poverty is gravely punishing, and some have to face this punishment without being guilty.

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